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Are you about to give up on your dreams?3 min read

The Peak-to-Peak Principle

With the set back the current situation has brought in, you would be excused if you are feeling as if your life is in the valley and you are not making any progress. You probably had big dreams of setting up that business, buying that car or changing your job. All that has now gone to the back burner and you feel like as if you are stuck for a long time.

Many people around the world are in a situation where they have to put up with whatever is offered to them, just to keep their life going. A research in UK found out that more than a third of people had to give up hopes of getting their dream job and settle for anything less because of the pandemic. Young people have been affected by the economic downturn where unemployment is on the rise and education and training has been disrupted.

Even the matured individuals are no different as many in different stages of life have their own bit of story to tell. However, there is one thing that comes out of this experience is the urge to “give up on dreams” just because everyone feels that their life is going down the valley. But let me introduce a bit of perspective here.

How many of you really think that you are going to remain down in the valley? Obviously, if you want then you can stay there forever but if you do not want then the whole world is waiting for you out there. The question to ask yourself is are you ready to embrace it even if it means it is going to take time. Now imagine that you have already given up on your dreams because of which you missed out on the learnings that would essentially bring you closer to your dreams. What a waste of time isn’t it? So what is the hurry to give up when you do not have clarity of your vision.

I recently came across a brilliant concept called “Peak-to-Peak Principle”. It is making sure that we only make crucial decisions in our lives when we’re standing on the peak. If we make decisions as we descend into the valley, we end making a decision based on a really bad perspective.

To give you further clarity, imagine you have gone on a hike to a mountain and from the peak you are able to see the other mountains and appreciate its beauty. You now start descending from the mountain and you lose sight of the peak and are surrounded with thick trees and fog. You have a feeling that you are losing track of the path and wonder if you are ever going to reach your destination. You begin to doubt yourself and also go off track as you are not inspired to stay focused. You even stop trying and wait for someone to rescue you which may never happen. In conclusion, you lose faith in yourself and your ability and would end up giving up too soon.

If this sounds familiar you now know that decisions made in the valley is out of desperation. Always remember that any decision made out of desperation results in repulsion. Now you ask yourself, are you thinking of giving up too soon? Chances are that any decision that you may make now may end up frustrating you and resulting in sadness for a long period of time.

What is your perspective of your current situation? Do you still want to give up?

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