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How important is emotional intelligence while looking for a job?5 min read

How Important Is Emotional Intelligence - Jyothika Shetty

It has been almost seven months since Rachel has been furloughed from work, a place that has been a big part of her life. Rachel feels like she has been pushed down all the way to the first house on the snake and ladder board. Starting all over again amidst this pandemic is asking too much from her at the wrong time. Does this sound familiar?

When life spirals down after achieving a level of success it can hurt even more. When you are comfortable with life, chances are that you are really not prepared for the worst. Something what happened to the world in the current pandemic situation. For almost 100% of the world population, this was an unprecedented situation – something that has never been seen before. Economic downturn, loss of loved ones, natural calamities were making headlines forcing us to accept it as a new normal. All of this seemed to be overwhelming initially but slowly the world aligned itself to the new way of living – obviously not out of choice in most cases. But eventually people forced themselves to see the brighter side of the situation. 

While there is certainly nothing much you can do about the current situation, is it enough to convince yourself that you are doing good?

Basic human nature is wanting to be in control of their life. But this has not been the case for a few months now. In fact, the proportion at which things have swayed in different direction is hard to even comprehend.

The last time I gave a job interview was about two decades back and since then life has grown exponentially and never felt the need to give another job interview. Sometimes I wonder if my corporate job was something that I should have hung on to but alas the world does not guarantee anything for you. In other words, be it job or a business there is no guarantee that you will be safe. In such a situation what could be the ideal way out to protect yourself – when you have bills to pay, commitments to fulfill and children to take care of.

Few days back, I spoke to a friend of mine who has been thriving in his business for the last two decades. Being in the medical supply domain much of his business is dependent on the medical colleges. With all colleges being shut for over six months, cash has dried up and no respite in the immediate future. All he said was “I want some peace of mind”. Does this mean that the world has come to an end and it is the end for all of us? Or has he lost his capacity to manage his own emotions and look at how he could make things better for him.

Many people looking for job have reached a desperate situation and for some it seems scary. Few have lost hope that they could even manage to get closer to their previous standard of living. Wait a minute! You are just being too pessimistic and trying to deal with the entire situation at one go. With such thoughts in mind all you will find is the best negative situation that will pull you down at every shot on that job you give.

Despite negativity around you don’t you forget that you are still that awesome person who has the capability to build yourself all over again. Having said that don’t pressurize yourself with a lot of expectation that could be difficult to fulfill in this environment. Sometimes you have to be your own great motivator and stop fooling yourself that you are entitled to an extraordinary life.

Many times we ignore the low-lying fruit while aiming for a long short. This is the time when we have to stop setting unrealistic goals for ourselves and understand that it is okay to start all over again if that’s what it takes to bounce back. But this time when you start, it has to be with a realization that getting back in control means creating a life looking ahead and not looking backwards.

Much of the pressure originates from comparing yourself to your life before the unexpected event and also by thinking about your future. The first thing you have to understand is that “the world is not over yet”. Dont’ make it like you are the last person on this earth and all jobs have dried up. Ask yourself a few questions that could help you align your actions – are your connections helping you reach your target? are you creating value to your target domain? is there any talent that you need to tap into? It is often we complain that our LinkedIn network is not working for us. But the question is, are you following the plain vanilla route or are you doing something more than that. I am sure when you introspect you will have a basket full of answers that will keep you busy.

All this and many more aspects of life is what I have addressed in my upcoming book “Back in Control”. If you are struggling to cope up with the unexpected changes in your life and if your life has spiralled down to all time low then this book is surely for you. Coming soon, “Back in Control” as a right guide at the right time.

This article was originally written by Jyothika Shetty on LinkedIn. It first appeared on 23rd September 2020.

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