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The Lost Wallet4 min read

One October afternoon my family and I were heading to a birthday party. We were all dressed up and embarked on a drive. On the way I was trying to finish a few pending tasks while my husband was driving. The first task was to book a flight ticket for my husband who was to travel the next day. Since things have become relatively convenient I booked the ticket online using my smart phone. As I reached to the final payment page I asked my husband to pass his wallet to check on his debit card number. I was so glad everything went well and finally I had a confirmation number on hand.

We had also reached the destination by this time and it was time for us to park our car. Our neighbors were elated that we could attend the party and put up their best effort to be the perfect host. We gorged ourselves on the delicious food that was arranged and returned home after a fun filled afternoon. As we reached home and before my husband proceeded to park the car he asked me to hand his wallet over to him.

“Which wallet?” I asked,

“The wallet that I had given you earlier”, he said.

I realised that I had totally forgotten to return the wallet to him while getting down from the car. “Then what happened to the wallet?” I asked myself.

After thinking hard I realised that I had left the wallet on my lap and dropped it as I got down from the car. The wallet consisted of cash and other valuable items. I was furious at my carelessness as history repeated, the first one being in Paris.

My husband and I immediately rushed back to the venue to the place where we had parked the car. We frantically searched the parking area while requesting the security to replay the CC TV. To our utter dismay the CC TV did not cover the area we had parked our car at. After spending several hours in that basement working out the permutation and combination of what could have really happened, we returned home disappointed. While arguing and discussing the probabilities of the “ifs” and “buts” we only hoped that a miracle would take place.

Come 6:00 pm in the evening my husband’s mobile rang from an anonymous number. As he received the call a man on the other side said, “This is the Sharjah Police here. A man walked into our station just now and handed over your wallet and we found your contact number. If it is your wallet can you come over right now and collect it”.

We just could not believe our ears as it felt like symphony playing the Beethoven notes that elevated our mood. My husband and older son Karthik rushed to the police station to receive the precious wallet that was about to save us from several days of unwanted trips to the government departments. As my husband received the wallet he noticed something was wrong. While some portion of the money was obviously missing, some of the cards were also not inside the wallet. The wallet certainly did not seem to be in its original state but, all we could do is get the cards blocked immediately. The police mentioned that someone found it on the main road and handed it over to the police. My husband did not delve much into the nuances of the matter and did what was required at that moment. He was certainly relaxed after a long anxious day and came home to narrate the incident to me. That night when I went to bed a thought came to my mind which was yet another eye opener for me. 

In life, we often take our relationships for granted. We assume that it is going to stay with us forever. But if we are careless, the relationship could also slip off our lap one day. If we are lucky and if it does return to us then it might not come back into our life in its original form, just like the wallet. This realization drew my attention to taking care of my own relationships with my family. I was often guilty of not giving enough time to my loved one in the pretext of “lot of work”.

I am sure I am not alone here. This could be your situation too.

So, how many of you are guilty of taking your relationship for granted?

This simple incident taught me a lesson for life. Relationships do not strengthen by just having them in our life but, it is important to nurture them too. I am thankful for the loved ones in my life who have shown me their strength when I needed the most. Many times we assume that we are entitled to receive their support as we are family. Let me remind you, none of us are entitled to anything in this life. If you want it then better work for it, be it relationship or a life.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself, are you nurturing your relationships enough? If not take care of them before you lose your own precious wallet.

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