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What is your purpose?2 min read

In September 2019, I went for a medical checkup at the request of my insurance company in India. My appointment was at 9:00 am and I reached the hospital on time. I was guided to the casualty section where the checkup was scheduled to take place. After my initial blood test I had to undergo an ECG test to check the condition of my prized possession….MY HEART.

As I entered the casualty room the nurse made me sleep on a bed to check my blood pressure. The results showed a magic number of 110/70 that has been static for many years now. I was glad that blood pressure is just a number…till the time it was in control and mine lived up to my expectation. It was now time for my ECG and the nurse asked me to sleep on the bed on the opposite side. As I was preparing to get comfortable I noticed there was an elderly patient sleeping on the bed nearby and the only thing that separated him from me was a vacant bed between us.

While he was being thoroughly attended by the duty doctor, I overhead the conversation between the doctor and the person accompanying this patient. I got shocked and I immediately asked the nurse “Is he dead ? “. The nurse casually replied “yes he is”. I smiled and said “and you have made me sleep next to a dead body !!!” for which she replied “don’t worry there is a bed in between you and him”.

This seemed like an analogy to the fact that the only thing that separated the man and me at that moment was the ability to breathe. The words of the nurse was like a beam of light that struck my face with stark realization of reality of life. As my ECG began some profound thoughts ran through my mind making me think about what had just happened. I said to myself “the only reason we are able to laugh, eat, hurt, complaint, cry etc… is because we have the capacity to breathe”. The day this privilege is taken away from us then we are no different from this man next to me.

So what are we proud of ? what makes us think that we are what we have achieved? when we realise the bubble that we are in, we become humble and human. Empathy becomes our top one quality and this is what the world needs. Are you empathetic enough? do you extend a helping hand or a sincere ear to someone who is going through a rough time?

It is during Covid-19 that we all understood that being human is the only reason the world is still existing today. What is your purpose of existence?

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