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Why is it important to understand yourself first?1 min read

We all seek “Aha” moments that catapult our growth to the next level. Recently, I was speaking to a group of professionals who were seeking breakthroughs and courage to do more. While I was enthusiastic they seemed cautious to even receive the message. Such attitude of apprehension and cautioness is not new to me. While their heart wants to do more, the brain gets busy dissecting the risks merely due to lack of clarity in thoughts.

The effective way to overcome this is by knowing yourself better. Over these years I have understood that change is easier when you know yourself better. Resistance to growth is dominated by the mind when you are not sure about yourself. Therefore, one thing that you could ask yourself before chasing success is, how well do I know myself?

Knowing yourself is important to operate in an environment of comfort and ease. It increases your authenticity and becomes easier for people to trust you. It also increases confidence level and improves decision making capability.

Few ways you can understand yourself better is by dropping your guard, take feedback from others, explore your hidden potential and be comfortable about sharing your story with others. The more you share the taller you grow.

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